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released June 22, 2017



all rights reserved


INDenial Hong Kong

INDenial is a Hong Kong based metal band formed in 2012. We are looking to create and share with all of you music based upon our observations in the very often false reality. Our members are Alex (guitar), Jay (guitar), Man (drums) and Wolf (bass, vocals). ... more

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Track Name: Dying Easier Than Living

Dying easier than living
When greedy evils contemplating
Like blind folded, acting brainless
Is dying easier than living?

Why call it the land of free?
When there is no space to breathe?

Mortal world is occupied by greed and selfishness
Each of us screaming for our piece of square feet
When we slowly suicide with needles of inflation?
Who gives a damn about the price of fucking faith?
Dying easier than living

Souls filled with pain
No where to hide
Track Name: Eye For An Eye

Hatred inside I’m not feeling sorry
All failing without exception
Corpses are smiling in cold expression
We live we die we fall in hell

Have no fear. Ain't no suffer from hatred
We must fight back to claim our freedom
Just bury what the corpses left us
Fuck you all Wake up from death
Define our very own game. Fate!

Rage arise inside, soul losing control like a treason
Rage arise inside, being ourselves is what fucking matter

Satisfaction comes from the rich?
Screw the dollar sign
All of you are perception
What you have inside
No brain no thoughts
Follow like blinds
Like a clueless slave
Just to get to where you are
Join a puppet play

Wake up from death
Bring back our lives
Don't do fuck all like in coma
Why the hell take so long
Unleash the fire deep inside

Open your eyes. Let our sins die
Eye for an eye. Which fades inside
Track Name: Siren

Reign of terror brings the blood falls
Raining til all die
Falling sky is counting on earth
Siren calling suicide
Fail...What if we don't care fuck all

Fade out inside our within
Trade our souls out of bodies
Lay out what we lost in all
It's time we know what's wrong

Sacrifice is here to make
Let the sins expose and speak
No escape from judgement day
Cost is high but we will bear

(Blame) We see nothing but blames
(Pain now) Paint our flag Fight this pain
(King falls) Up to us set our place
(Take down) Blindfold see no return

Feed your hunger with our pain
Conspiracies, lies, scandals in your bag
Swear to death this is the final call
Pull the trigger and raise ourselves

Waive for blame made for
Wait for the day break away
Sacrifice is here to make
Track Name: Black Cross

False claim like blood
They paint our world in red
Gunshot in head
Bullets send our lives to death

Disregard how we feel
Hide away the ugly truth
Spread the touched up lies by sending us to the world under like hell

Try to change color of blood
Reverse the bad into good
Take away the immortal dreams of many and
Sicken our world with frauds

Continue your massacre
Remember our hatred is building with bloodbath
Betrayal to prophecy
We are fated to claim in denial

(Bleed til die) It's time now what we're waiting for
(Bleed til die) Sufferings ain’t what we're praying for
(Bleed til die) Spare our beliefs or we are dead and gone
(Bleed til die) Fuck it We'll bear the black cross

Just standing by us
Dark side of your heart is calling
Face to yourselves
Honouring the war with your black cross
Til we die
Track Name: Serial Murderer

One by one, took out the lives of innocents
Back and forth, Humanities fucking lost
Dark and late, Massacre happened in your face
Once for all, we declared war to end this all

Serial Murderer
The faded line of soul
The vanished heart of gold
You won’t incinerate your plain evil sins

Repent, Revenge is near
You murderer tries hide your weaknesses
Losing your religion
You murderer tries hide your weaknesses

Dissect their faith. Twisting their trust, arising feel of disgust
Dissect their faith. Twisting their trust
Dissect their faith. Twisting their trust, fuck you I’ll burn you to dust
Dissect their faith. Twisting their trust

Repent, Revenge is near
You murderer tries hide your weaknesses
Losing your religion
You murderer tries hide your weaknesses
Track Name: Deadly Carnival

World has frozen in time
Evils take place in line
Laughter from the clowns with knives in hands

Welcome to carnival
For sale are pain and trust
No bargain accepted

Throw a coin to the wishing well
Curious what's down under
Seeing reflection of deceived
May we break the ugly truth

No Surrender
We only fight
No compromise
Full of deadly sin

Merry-go-round trapping us all
Grinding out our tears and blood within
Circus ring is disgusted by lies
Our deadly carnival
Track Name: Alive

Searching reality more and more as we all get old like real nightmare
Begging ourselves so hard
Looking for ways to take away the drowning sins
Looking at yesterday we learn to build up
our power to make our own riot
The more our hate inside the more reasons we go fight the war
Just fight this fucking war

Color of this world is hard to believe
The new born child comes blind and faceless ~forsaken~
Pain goes away...The bridge to hellion is await and stained

Our gracious hearts are back on fire.Thy will be king and sing again

Postmortem greed desire
Burdened under pale sky
I'll not take criticized
My nerves are paralysed

(Burning blood inflame) Why life so standardized?
(Heating up cold frame) Surrounded all by lies
(No fear to false claim) Seeing things like dead eyes
(Alive is our domain) I feel back alive

Nothing's left for. Blackened and fallen
Suck it out of it. Feel my sacrifice

Temptation comes and stab to me.
What we have really lived for!

I wont be standardized. Fight what we fight for
Once upon in life. We all get to nail this once
Track Name: Unbroken

We are charged to fight our game
Missioned to seek existence
Who gives a damn to the norm
No matter how we live

When we get to break the tie
Blood has come to flow

Zero sorrow should be within
No one will be our enemies and stand in our way
Fellow brothers follow our true selves
It's time to tell others how to behave

If we are keep on holding back
Til the end No faith at all
To get our game even
In the end We are Unbroken

Labour of hate
Get the fuck going
You all follow me
We are Unbroken
Track Name: Leaving Home Forever

There is no way out
For you and me
Home no longer feels the same
With battle scars all over
There is no tomorrow on my book
And now I choose Leaving your Home Forever

Will I bleed to death?
What's there for me when nothing left?

(Take away take it away) Taking away all my sorrow
(Wrists are easing) Wrists are easing
(Leaving home now forever) I'm leaving Home Now and Forever
There is no way out farewell from now (Farewell from now)

Mental sickness is blinding you
The hell in your visual is never true
Locking down to fix depression
No scream No fight we stand by you
Calling cops gets you nowhere
Our side always wins
Stay with us, give the trust
Share my pride and own the world

(There is no tomorrow of my own)
Lot of souls are with us, now give yours
(Deceive me and trade for your dark glory)
You'd end up with shares in this terrifying world